Student Visibility System

Student Visibility System

With students venturing out to newer spheres and geographies, it has become important to develop faster and better student visibility systems. The challenges are compounded by students playing truant and parents becoming increasingly cautious. This also calls for frequent, accurate and real time communication between educational bodies and parents.

The Student Visibility Solution from DAPHNE delivers all this, and more. By attaching RFID tags with each student and installing Readers at the premise gates, this solution enables simultaneous detection of multiple students and a 100% identification rate. Involving simple installation and maintenance, this solution can also be customised to allow convenient communication between parents and teachers through messaging systems.

Solution Functions

  • Can send information to parents upon student entry/ exit
  • Can record attendance for students
  • Can be customised to send personalised reminders before time
  • Can send one-to-many messages to all or selected teachers/ parents

Solution Scenario

  • Uses gateway of mobile communication service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Reliance etc
  • Reader is installed at the premise gate and connected to server
  • Students wearing tags are detected automatically
  • Option to connect to school LAN

Solution Advantages

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple students
  • 100% identification rates
  • Unmatched after sales service
  • 24X7 online support
  • Online operator assistance
  • Turnkey solution