Daphne Strengths

The continued success at DAPHNE can be attributed to a set of fundamental strengths, each of which are further reinforced as the company forays ahead.


The core team at DAPHNE is constituted by a young and dynamic group of academically brilliant and practically experienced professionals. Driven by a shared passion of enabling increasingly innovative and advantageous applications of RFID based technologies, these experts bring deep technical knowledge and astute business sense to the table.


DAPHNE operates at the cutting edge of the RFID domain, and is rapidly devising newer applications of the technologies involved. The solutions offered by DAPHNE are already redefining the way businesses work in India, while an R&D team works towards diverse application areas.


DAPHNE is enabled by world class infrastructural components, and is thus equipped to deliver smarter solutions to medium and large enterprises. At the same time, it is able to extend highly customised solutions basis the business requirements.