RFID Attendance Solution

RFID Attendance Solution

In today’s work environment when resource accountability and utilization is very critical, it becomes equally important to maintain accurate and dependable attendance solutions.

This solution from Daphne delivers this using RFID based technologies. With the RFID tag attached to each student/ employee and the Reader installed at the entry points, the solution provides high level of convenience and efficiency when compared to the traditional forms of attendance recording.

At the same time, costs related to manpower and time are also brought down dramatically, as the entire process is automated to a high extent. This leads to a work environment where accountability and transparency is high.

Thus, clear and business oriented advantages are enabled

  • Reduces loitering and non attendance
  • Minimizes threat to special areas within organization
  • Improves accuracy of attendance records
  • Boosts revenues by eliminating false entries
  • Encourages an environment of transparency and accountability