File Tracking Solution

File Tracking Solution

In today’s world it’s a huge dilemma that the employees spend more time coping with avalanche of files in transit rather than spending their time in doing relevant work.

Other problems are as follows:

  • Mis-shelved files, poor inventory accuracy
  • Increased material handling time/costs
  • Employees lose several hours of time each day looking for individual files on colleagues’ desks in neighboring offices
  • Inefficient use of trained staff

Our File Tracking Solution is a fully automated local positioning system, a system for finding, identifying and managing files and other documents in an organization.

  • It makes tiresome searches superfluous and revolutionizes the administration
  • Costs and stress minimization and more contentment at the organizations and by the customers
  • You and your staff can finally concentrate on your important tasks
  • Optimizes your working procedures. By careful identification, files can no longer become mixed up – with the resulting embarrassing consequences.

The File Tracking Solution:

  • Eliminates searches for files
  • Eliminates broadcast emails looking for files
  • Performs file room or desk audit quickly
  • Eliminates duplication of files
  • Improves productivity and reduces costs
  • Passively track files as staff walk around