Animal Tracking Solution

Animal Tracking Solution

While the Global economy is booming it is become increasingly apparent that this boom can also cause serious problems by spreading diseases from country to country by accident. This growing number of countries exporting animals to other countries has led to the establishment of record keeping standards that use RFID as the main identification.

Our solution uses a unique numbered RFID tag that provides a very efficient method of identifying animals and collecting data far more efficiently. Each unique RFID tag can be linked to a database that includes that animal’s specific information such as date of birth, inoculations, breeding specifics such as blood relation (pedigree), and more.

Our Animal Tracking Solution provides Farm Management for each individual animal and record keeping like Vaccination Details, Health and Breeding Details.

Our Animal Tracking Solution also automates the process of feeding, weighing, disease control, subsidies, breeding practices as well as quality and traceability assurance.

There is a strong ROI you can pull from RFID Animal Identification, especially when you consider the amount of valuables business.

The Livestock & Animal Identification RFID System:

  • Track Cattle, Sheep, other animals, Assets Secure and manage your shelter , yard Monitor location and availability and numbers of animals
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels RFID makes Animal Tracking System
  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Improves Responsiveness

Our integration of Animal Tracking Solution provides you with the control over all aspects of your operations.

Animal Tracking Solution will help

  • Reduce pilferage, shrinkage and loss through improved monitoring of RFID tagged Animals and other shipments
  • Reduce shelter costs by improving space management
  • Improve revenues by providing end consumer information
  • Insurance companies can ensure the animal health by registering them with veterinary hospitals and clinics. The chipped animals can help plug the fraud in substituting the animals during insurance life cycle management and false claims