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Based in New Delhi, DAPHNE is a leading provider of solutions utilizing RFID based technologies. Extending its technological expertise in this domain, the company seeks to deliver value and growth in tangible business terms. With its core team deeply entrenched in both business and technology, DAPHNE is able to differentiate itself by enabling useful applications of RFID based technologies across diverse domains such as inventory management, article tracking and visibility.

Thus, technology translates effectively into business results.Besides a strongly equipped core team of experts, the company is also enabled by world class infrastructure and advanced R&D capabilities, which allow it to service medium and large sized enterprises.

Sanjay Chawla, CEO, Daphne Systems

A seasoned finance professional, Sanjay has a glittering 20year old track record of successfully driving a slew of start-ups and leading aviation companies in India. During these years, he has gained valuable experience across top management profiles at leading companies. Sanjay continues to deliver great value at DAPHNE as he overlooks implementation and supervision of internal controls, handles financial impacts on projects, drives major strategic issues and serves as the key advisor to the company management.

Reach him: sanjay.chawla@daphnesystems.com